Helen Hughes Accountancy | AAT Raises Focus on Professional Ethics for its Members
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AAT Raises Focus on Professional Ethics for its Members

24 Apr AAT Raises Focus on Professional Ethics for its Members

The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) has shown further commitment toward focusing on the professional ethics for its members

The AAT has stressed its commitment to raising the focus on professional ethics in the wake of recent widespread publicity on tax avoidance issues.

The pledge is contained in AAT’s latest annual report and accounts, which shows the organisation has recorded the highest level of growth since 2010 with membership rising by 2.2% or 2,693 over the year to 126,452.

As part of its focus on ethical responsibilities, AAT launched a bespoke ethics website in October 2012 offering members articles, podcasts and videos to help understand the issues.

The association says there have been more than 50,000 page views from over 12,000 unique users which it says ‘shows a really high engagement rate amongst the membership interacting with the resource and helps to establish AAT as a key spokesperson on ethics within the industry.’

AAT president Henry Cooper said:

‘What the new site illustrates so well is the way new technology can be harnessed to educate and communicate. This is something AAT continues to embrace with its successful e-learning materials, computer based assessments and launch of the new AAT website.’

The annual report says that in 2012, AAT was the first accounting technician body to be elected to full membership of the International Federation of Accountants.

Cooper continued:

‘One of my big concerns as President is that students sign up seeing AAT as a stepping stone to becoming a chartered accountant. That is a legitimate path for many, but not all. That’s where AAT steps in, because the AAT qualification offers fantastic credibility in its own right.’

Source CCH Online 22nd April 2013
Hughes Accountancy is a full member in practice of the Association of Accounting Technicians